Simple Weekend Granola

Saturday mornings when you have children are something to be cherished. The cartoons are echoing full blast around the downstairs of the house and there is no rushing to get to school, driving 300 metres and having to do a U turn to get the school bag.

I love trying out new food at the weekend and breakfast is something that tends to get overlooked. Dara & Áine have a ferocious addiction to cereal so the variety to choose from is always endless. I however don’t like cereal (well, I’m partial to a quarterly bowl of coco pops) but I wanted to do exciting weekend breakfasts. Thus far, I’ve only made Chocolate Chip Brioche French Toast loaded with whipped cream and maple syrup which I think alone would exceed my calorie intake for the day; never mind the five-year-olds.

So, what to do? Whilst browsing through menus and cookery books, I found the (dare I say it) hipster-ish granola. Now, toasted oats aren’t anything new but it is certainly ‘in fashion’. I found a great one in ‘Annabel’s Kitchen’ by Annabel Karmel. It is a fantastic book full of recipes for kids and most importantly everything I have made from it turns out well, which means they are well tested recipes.

Recipe for Healthy Granola

My recipe below is different from Annabel’s as I wanted to show the range of options and variations that can be made. That is the beauty of granola, you can put whatever you want into it. You may love apple and cinnamon, or destest raisins and want a nutty granola, experiment with it and have fun. You also have control over how much sugar you add and what type of sugar. One of the problems with supermarket bought granola is that it is extremely high in sugar. So this is a great way to make an actually healthy granola. Whatever ingredients you choose, It is incredibly easy to make. One of my favourite ‘feck everything into a bowl’ recipes.

You will need;

175g Rolled Oats

20g Dessicated Coconut

70g Roughly Chopped Pecans or Hazelnuts or Walnuts

50g Brown Sugar or Coconut Sugar

2 Tablespoons Sunflower Oil or Olive Oil

4 Tablespoons Maple Syrup or Golden Syrup or Honey or Agave

50g Sultanas or Raisins

25g Cranberries or Apricots or Island Mix

15g Chia Seeds or Sunflower Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds


Step One: Preheat Oven to 170C/430F/Gas 3.


Step Two: Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix together.


Step Three: Spread mixture onto a oiled baking tray, baking for 35 minutes in total, separating into small pieces every 10 minutes.


Step Four: Once cooked leave to cool and store in a container.


To serve: Add milk for a nutritious cereal style breakfast or top with yoghurt and fresh fruit for a healthy snack or desert.


Wholegrain cereal like this healthy granola recipe will help to kickstart your energy levels on busy summer weekends. Enjoy!


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